The PFBA is a mid-sized, high-pressure, dual-discharge, axial-piston pump with a track record of performing in some of the toughest environments around the world. Oilgear products are known for their longevity, and durability, and PFBK pumps are no different. They have been proven on high-pressure test rigs, civil and marine projects, intensifier systems, extrusion and forging pressure, and other heavy-duty metal forming machines.


Every high-pressure pump that Oilgear manufactures comes with the peace of mind that the engineering behind it is going to help you keep downtime low. All PFBK pumps tout rugged, high-response, lightweight poppet construction, meaning a longer life span for your pump.

PFBK pumps have hardened steel pistons located in a stationary cylinder, which means you are able to operate at high speeds without any issues. With a high dirt tolerance ensuring a high degree of contamination resistance, low-viscosity fluids are able to be used for your application.

Maintenance is also easy on the PFBK line, and all Oilgear products, because we design them in such a way that allows us to service them while keeping downtime to a minimum. Cartridge construction inlet and delivery valves also help make maintenance easy.

Through drive capabilities mean that you are able to mount additional pumps, if necessary, with up to a 50 hp (37.3 kw) capacity. The hydrodynamic thrust bearing also carries the thrust load, providing a longer life while also allowing for the usage of low-viscosity and special fluids to be used. An optional, built-in supercharge pump lubricates and provides case flow that cools the main pump and eliminates the need for an external supercharge pump.

All Oilgear pumps are designed to thrive on low-viscosity fluids, such as high water content and fire-resistant fluids, like Skydrol®, Stack Magic™, Erifon® and 98/2.