The PFBA is a fixed displacement, axial-piston pump. It’s proven itself in a variety of operations—including die casting and injection molding machines, high-pressure test rigs, civil and marine projects, intensifier systems, extrusion presses, forging presses and high-pressure forced lubrication systems for long turbines as well as metal forming machines. And like all Oilgear pumps, it’s designed to handle high water content and low-viscosity fluids


Originally part of the Towler high-pressure pump line, PFBA pumps are extremely reliable when working with water-based fluids. The PFBA-2 has a single high-pressure discharge port, distinguishing it from similar pumps. The PFBA-2/2 has two high-pressure discharge ports.

This pump line is designed for high-speed operation. It’s also compatible with high-pressure and high-shock loads. That’s because of the swashmember angle. At 13 degrees, it creates a low piston head loading.

Attached to the swashmember, a polymer-coated plate provides a bearing surface for thrust loads. The six hardened steel pistons located in a stationary body are not subject to centrifugal force. This reduces load and wear. An optional, built-in supercharge pump lubricates and provides case flow that cools the main pump and eliminates the need for an external supercharge pump.

All Oilgear pumps are designed to thrive on low-viscosity fluids, such as high water content and fire-resistant fluids, like Skydrol™, Stack Magic™, Erifon™ and 98/2.