When you need peak performance from a variable-displacement axial-piston pump, the Oilgear pump PVV line is ready. No matter what pressure and flow demands you face, these pumps rise to the challenge.


Designed for power and speed, PVV open-loop axial-piston hydraulic pumps by Oilgear can handle large, heavy-duty systems. Made with advanced engineering and computer-optimized, the PVV line delivers up to 560 horsepower. That’s four times the horsepower at less than half the cost of other models.


A compact design available in several displacements, PVV pumps offer a large selection of readily interchangeable controls. With improved response controls and reduced noise levels, its rugged cylinder design enhances performance.


The patented pressure lubricated swashblock design offers high performance for high-cycling operations. It also contributes to the pump’s ability to run on low-viscosity — including high water content, fire-resistant and other special fluids. That fluid compatibility continues to set Oilgear apart.


Oilgear fully supports the PVV pump product line and is the only valid source for OEM parts. All Oilgear repairs are machined and tested per our original factory specifications.


Oilgear makes some of the longest-lasting, most reliable pumps in the world.