High-pressure applications often come with their own design considerations to provide the best solution while remaining efficient and reliable. PFCM pumps are fixed displacement axial pumps that address the needs of those high-pressure applications, backed by the heavy-duty, long-lasting durability that Oilgear is known for. Plus, PFCM pumps thrive on both low-viscosity fluids and standard hydraulic oil.


When you’re talking about the need for high-pressure tolerance in a pump, the PFCM series offers dependability for the long haul, regardless if you’re operating with low-viscosity fluids or standard hydraulic oil.

PFCM pumps were engineered using heavy-duty materials to provide you with a solution that has enabled many of these pumps to be in operation for more than 40,000 hours prior to being inspected and reconditioned if necessary. Of course, that type of dependability means less downtime for you, no matter the application.

The design incorporates a number of features that contribute to its reliability, like the hydrodynamic thrust bearing with forced lubrication that carries the thrust load, enabling operation with low-viscosity or special hydraulic fluids. It’s also designed to deliver supplies up to 14,500 psi (1,000 bar), making it easy to use across a wide range of applications.

PFCM pumps use steel piston shoes to provide a hydrostatically balanced design that reduces piston shoe load and provides lubrication. This paired with the double-sided, counterbalanced swashblock helps eliminate the need for thrust bearings and allows for high rotational speeds as well.

The PFCM series of pumps is available in both single- and double-discharge configurations and is capable of handling up to 58.6 gallons per minute. They also feature through drive capability to allow for the usage of additional pumps, up to a 50-hp capacity, to be added if required.