The PFCS is a high-pressure, axial-piston pump that’s proven itself in a variety of applications. From die forging presses to rubber pad presses, PFBK can handle your toughest jobs. And like all Oilgear pumps, it’s designed to handle high water content and low-viscosity fluids.


This pump line is designed for high-speed operation. It’s also compatible with high-pressure and high-shock loads. That’s because of the swashmember angle. At an eight-degree angle, it creates a low piston head loading.

Our double-sided, counterbalanced swashblock has a replaceable swash wear plate that provides easy re-buildability. Its balanced design eliminates the need for thrust bearings and enables a long life for the pump. It also allows the pump to reach high rotational speeds safely.

And because the 18 hardened steel pistons — located in two stationary cylinders — are not subject to centrifugal force, load and wear are reduced. Pumping causes the piston load, and therefore higher operating speeds are possible.

Oilgear fully supports the Towler PFCS Pump product line and is the only valid source for OEM parts. All Oilgear repairs are machined and tested per original factory specifications.